Detestable Division

1 Samuel 27:12 (HCSB)

“So Achish trusted David, thinking, “Since he has made himself detestable to his people Israel, he will be my servant forever.”

Interestingly, although Achish doesn’t know the truth, he speaks it. David has certainly deceived him and Achish foolishly believes that David has been raiding his own people and Israel’s allies.  And although his statement is made on false knowledge, there is more than an essence of truth in his thought, “Since he has made himself to be detestable to his people Israel, he will be my servant forever.”


Achish understands “divide and conquer.” If David is divided from Israel because of his “detestable” military offenses, then he is divided from his people and left alone without the power or backing of his nation.  The result? He is destined to be the enemy’s servant “forever”.


So goes America and its Church? We may ask the question, “Is the Kingdom of God expanding?” from a global perspective or a national one.  I believe the answers differ depending on the perspective. I hear of great Kingdom advances in the nations, but in America? It seems certain that we’re losing ground. More and more people (and businesses) are dependent on the government rather than God, addiction to all sorts of worldly pleasures take hold in every strata of society, and corruption reigns from our local governments to D.C. We are losing ground in America. Whether we know it or not, we are slowly drifting from a state of liberty to a state of slavery, the king of which says to America, “(you)… will be my servant forever.”  Why?


Consider division. If we are divided, we are conquered. If we are divided, we are not the one body of Christ.  Strength in numbers? Certainly. Strength in numbers united as one? Even more so. Unfortunately, the attention of Christian leadership is all too easily and often diverted from Kingdom to kingdom, from Church to church, and from Building to building. Consider that this unhealthy introversion necessitates division and is in fact the seed that leads one brother to appear detestable in the eyes of another.  True unity is realized at the threshold of true selflessness. If we focus more on our kingdom, our church and our building than on each other, division is inevitable and never shall we unite with the force of God in victory to shake the hell out of our nation and its declining culture. Conversely, we will find ourselves in a state of national helplessness against the power now exercised in force by the prince of the air, the god of this age. And then that enemy of America and of our souls shall rightly say as Achish did, “Since he has made himself detestable to his people, he will be my servant forever.”

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