Blessed to Work

2 Samuel 3:29 May it hang over Joab’s head and his father’s whole house, and may the house of Joab never be without someone who has a discharge or a skin disease, or a man who can only work a spindle, or someone who falls by the sword or starves.”

Work is for more than material gain. Just recently, after a time of prayer, Marsha told me she had a fresh reminder from God that her work is a form of serving people rather than just running a profiting business.  But the value of work even goes beyond how it provides goods and services to others in our society.

It is a blessing to the laborer.

Consider this passage carefully.  It would not have surprised anyone if King David had killed Joab for his technique of ridding Israel of Abner.  It just wasn’t David’s style to deceive someone, then stab him in the stomach. And some precedent had already been set that dishonorable killings thought to please David actually had quite a backfire effect.  But David didn’t kill Joab. He needed his top military commander. However, he did curse him and his family. Note that the curse has three pieces:

1. Disease and sickness

2. Famine and sword

3. Disability or to “work with the spindle.”

How interesting that an inability to labor with vigor is compared to perishing by disease, famine or war!

Now consider that if the curses are disease, famine, war and disability, then blessing is the opposite: health, provision, peace… and labor.

Work hard. Be blessed.


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