Jebusite Jerusalem

2 Samuel 5:8 He said that day, “Whoever attacks the Jebusites must go through the water shaft to reach the lame and the blind who are despised by David.” For this reason it is said, “The blind and the lame will never enter the house.”

Some commentators think there is a reason to believe that the Jebusites were literally posting the lame and the blind on the city wall because of its supposed impregnability.  Regardless, it seems clear that David has no regard for them. The city was God’s and David intended to take it. And if the lame and the blind despised Israel’s king, the king seemed at ease in reciprocating: “For this reason it is said, The blind and the lame will never enter the house.”

The Jebusites were not using the crippled as a manipulative ploy on David’s pity, but rather out of arrogance and foolishness. However, David’s lack of apparent pity is noteworthy as it relates to areas of stronghold in our own lives.

I have counseled countless people who have had their own “Jebusite Jerusalems,” personal strongholds where God is walled off by bricks and mortar that are a mix of debility and an expectation of pity.  Oh how many times I’ve seen godlessness justified by some particular circumstance. Just this last May, 22 year old Elliot Roger killed 6 people before taking his own life. Why? Because of his circumstances; in this case, social rejection.    In September of 2011 a large number of people abandoned productivity in a call to “occupy Wall Street.” Why? Because of their circumstance; in this case, sense of powerlessness. The examples are endless in which godlessness is justified because of personal circumstance with an expectation of pity.  Possibly, the most common occurs as part of our welfare system.  Daily, the poor justify taking from others through a system that Bastiat rightly called “legalized plunder.” Why? Again, because of circumstance; in this case, poverty. Addiction, anger, abuse, laziness, and many other “Jebusite Jerusalems” are often sustained by pity.

David would have none of it. God belonged on the inside of the city and no pity would be shown during the invasion. My prayer is that whatever sorrowful, painful or debilitating circumstance in my life has me justifying a godless position, I would like David “despise the lame and the blind” and then turn my “Jebusite Jerusalem” over to the rightful King.

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