Restless Wander

restless wander

2 Samuel 11:2     One evening David got up from his bed and strolled around on the roof of the palace. From the roof he saw a woman bathing — a very beautiful woman.

“I have a nervous energy today but I’m not sure what to do with it.”

“I wish I could rest, but I can’t seem to lay still.”

“I don’t have any direction today but I feel like there’s something I should be doing.”

Restlessness. We’ve all experienced it. This passage might help us understand why.

David was in bed for the night but apparently couldn’t get to sleep. Why? What was the recipe for his restlessness? Take a look at verse 1: “In the spring when kings march out to war, David sent Joab…” He what? Yes, the king sent someone else. It was a time for David to be with his troops, to be encouraging his soldiers, to be fighting for Israel.  But he sent Joab. I can almost hear the words of God spoken to Cain just before he killed Abel:

“If you do no do what is right, sin is crouching at the door.”

David was not doing what was right. And yes, as one reads on, sin was certainly crouching at David’s door. He was not where he was supposed to be. He was not on track with God’s plan for that season. And so it is with us too that when we are not where God wants us, we feel a little off kilter. It’s that sensation of “something’s just not right.”
From time to time we all fall out of His perfect plan for us in a particular season of life. The important question to answer is, “What should I do?”
Although the passage doesn’t answer that directly, it sure infers what NOT to do.
David combined the two things that may very well be the cocktail for much sin today. He was outside of God’s will and then he wandered. He began his restless and aimless stroll on the rooftop of his palace.
Not being where God wants you is like lathering yourself with a cologne called “Susceptibility.” And then to air it out through aimless wandering (whether it be through the internet, bars, shopping, etc.) is to become a very real target.
Restless Wandering is a Gas Match mix. I love my wife’s bumper sticker: “Not all who wander are lost.” True. But if your restless in your spirit today, don’t wander in your flesh. If you lack direction today, pray for it. And don’t leave your knees until you find it.

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