Use it or lose it


Luke 8:25 He said to them, “Where is your faith?” They were fearful and amazed, asking one another, “Who can this be?, He commands even the winds and the waves, and they obey Him!”

He had cured a leper, rebuked fever, restored strength to a paralytic, delivered a man of demonic possession and had even raised a widow’s son from the dead. But they still didn’t understand His power, the extent of His capability and some might argue who He really was. Luke remembered these 4 words of rebuke.  They must have been piercing that night as Jesus was still rubbing the sleep out of His eyes. “Where is your faith?”

I lost my wallet recently. The search was intense for a couple of days and when a funny charge showed up on one of my accounts, I began the painstaking task of cancelling and then re-ordering my cards.
I wonder how many husbands are like me. When I lose something, I really look for it before I holler for help from my other half. It seems that when I finally give up, reaching my plateau of internal frustration and I ask for help, she finds the missing item so quickly, I feel like I’m blind.  At those particular points, I kind of wish I was. Not only would I have an excuse, but I wouldn’t see that slight roll of the eyes and a raised eyebrow that speaks something between, “I don’t get you” and “I’m exasperated with you.”

Normally, that’s the way it goes.  And although it’s a moment of painful humility, at least it’s over. She found what I couldn’t and we can move on. But it’s worse when she can’t find it. Why? Because here come the 20 questions: “When did you last see it? Do you remember when you used it last? Did you take it with you when you went to work? And I just stare into her face responding to each question “uhmmm” as if some defining memory is going to jump into my mental blankness. Nothing. “Did you use it yesterday?” It was the only thing I could remember. I hadn’t. In fact, it had been more than a day since I used my wallet at all. I didn’t need gas. I hadn’t eaten out. I simply hadn’t used it.  And now I had lost it.

Jesus asked, “Where is your faith?” Another gospel writer remembers Him asking another question. “Why are you so timid?” Maybe there were some other questions about this missing faith. When did you last see it? Do you remember when you used it last? Did you take it with you when you went to work? Did you use it yesterday?

Let’s make sure we don’t find ourselves in a life-storm looking for our faith. Keep it on you and consider that maybe the best way to keep from losing it is to use it every day. It might even change the way you pray.

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