Proverbs 2:4 if you seek it like silver
and search for it like hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and discover the knowledge of God.

With a little descriptive elaboration, this is a vision I had in prayer 8 days ago.

I saw a woman in a church who had nothing and was offered everything. She accepted the offer. There was great celebration and the minister invited her to stay as long as she liked. Hours passed. Days passed. Weeks and months. During her stay, from time to time the minister would bring her a jewel. Refined, polished and set, the presentation was awe inspiring. She would receive each jewel presented to her with much appreciation and it would always remind her she was promised everything. Although the jewels were captivating, she always noticed that the minister who brought them was very dirty. His nails were filled with dirt and his face marred with smears of mud where sweat had been wiped away. “How hard this person must have worked to unearth this stone for me,” she thought as she would take note of the filth. “I wonder where he finds them?” Strangely juxtaposed to the grime was the contentment and satisfaction in his eyes as well as the brawn of the muscle and the health in this digger’s bones.

Over time, the treasures amassed around her as she became accustomed to waiting for another polished sapphire, ruby or diamond to be delivered. In the end, she withered.

The delivering minister remained fit and strong, digging in the dirt to serve her the treasures he discovered. He was confused because he thought the treasure would keep her healthy, as well. But she wasted away in the middle of the church and the treasures, for they could not truly belong to her but to the one who unearthed them. As she breathed her last, he held her in his arms and sorrowfully repented, “I promised you everything, but I failed. I never taught you how to dig.”

Imagine if the Bible said, “if someone hands you silver or gives you a hidden treasure, you will understand the fear of the Lord and discover the knowledge of God.” Seems absurd, yes?  Yet, it is attempted regularly in churches across America.  The treasure of wisdom and revelation handed to someone on a platter will at best create a dependent diabetic. God wants you healthy, so dig. He’ll meet you on the hunt.

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