Make Friends


Luke 16:3 “Then the manager said to himself, ‘What should I do, since my master is taking the management away from me? I’m not strong enough to dig; I’m ashamed to beg.

Accidents. Injuries. Poor decisions. There are many reasons why a person may find himself in a position similar to the manager of Luke 16. He was about to be left weak and in need. Remember May 22, 2011 when a tornado ripped through Joplin.  Thousands of people were left in a similar situation. They, too, were rendered weak and in need, not strong enough to fix their situation and yet starkly foreign to begging. They, too asked the same question the manager asked. “What should I do?”


Unfortunately, that is the answer for many today when they are not “strong enough to dig and yet, ashamed to beg.” Isn’t there another option than turning to the government for help?

Interestingly, the public welfare assistance option wasn’t even included in this story Jesus tells His disciples. Though today this man would have soon qualified for housing, food stamps, TANF, LIHEAP and a number of other welfare programs, he instead does the only thing he could do to safeguard himself from perishing.

He made friends.

He quickly forgave debt of those from whom he was to collect so that when he was homeless, they would welcome him in. He would have a roof over his head, a hot meal and a place to rest his head.

Verse 8 reads “The master praised the unrighteous manager” and Jesus follows in verse 9 with clarification: “And I tell you, make friends for yourselves by means of the unrighteous money so that when it fails, they may welcome you into eternal dwellings.”

“Make friends for yourselves.”

That’s His instruction.

Why? That they may welcome you into eternal dwellings.  Don’t connect “eternal” here with “heaven.” Rather, the word also means “lasting” or “unfailing.” I believe He’s talking about the relationship itself. He wants us to make lasting, unfailing relationships with one another.

God wants us to make friends. Although for personal gain, the unrighteous manager exhibited grace and made friends as a result. And he was praised for it! How much more will you be praised if you exhibit grace to those around you and make friends before you’re in need? Strengthen your network of lasting, unfailing relationships. It’s obviously important to God and the day may come when you, too, will need to be welcomed into eternal dwellings.  


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