Hang on!

hang on

Luke 19:48 but they did not find anything they could do, for all the people were hanging on his words.

Verse 47 just before this tells us that the leaders were seeking to destroy Christ. That force is still active today seeking to destroy Christianity; that is, the essence of Christ in people.

How will Christianity be preserved? Can Christian culture prevail? What’s the strategy to combat the current anti-Christ influence?

Unfortunately, Christians are often duped into fighting in the flesh, getting lost in a frenzy of madness against ideologies, political institutions, gays, Hollywood, and the list goes on.

Where are you directing your attention? Is it on Christ or is it on those trying to destroy Him?

I just read an article that some scientists will soon attempt a true meteor deviation. They will intercept it in an attempt to change its course.  Do you remember the movie Armageddon?  Try to imagine that really happening. A meteor is on its way to earth and the only hope to avoid destruction is a single attempt successful NASA deviation. It’s the talk all over the news. Every coffee shop and bar across the world is buzzing with topic. Families are huddled together in living rooms trying to get the most out of what might be the last few days together.  Every industry and business has closed its doors for what will be a once in a lifetime vacation or simply for the last time never to be opened again.  Thousands of people are bunkering in everything from caves and tornado shelters to high-tech underground facilities that were prepared for such a day. And then that single sound comes over every device that receives any sort of airborne signal. The emergency broadcast is about to happen. The US president with the chief of operations at NASA is breaking in to make an announcement.  The words he’ll share will, to a great extent, determine how you will live. The speech will be one of life or death.  Every human is tuned in, hanging on his every word.

As strange as it may seem, the words of Christ demand even more attention. As Peter proclaimed to Jesus in John 6: “You have the words of eternal life!”

What are you hanging on to? The news? Your retirement? Satellite TV? Or are you hanging on His words?

Imagine a free-style rock climber hanging from a cleft just wide enough for his fingers. He may be evaluating his environment for the next hold or just taking in the scene for a moment. Whatever that climber is doing, his life hinges on one very real truth: He can’t let go.

And just as the climber had to find that next lip along the rock-face to grab, so you and I must critically and prayerfully evaluate the Word in search of God’s truth for us personally. That revelation knowledge is our cleft to hang on to. It is not only how we climb. It’s how we stay alive.

It goes beyond you and me, though. It effects the whole of our culture. Consider the unlikely cause-effect illuminated in our key verse.

The enemy of Christ was rendered impotent because the people were hanging on His words.

There’s something about our full attention being on Christ and His words! When our focus is there, the enemy’s lies carry no weight; his words are powerless. The religious leaders were looking to skewer Him that day, but what chance did they have to sway the people then? They were hanging on the words of Truth!

Lies are impotent when attention is on the truth.

Is your daily attention on the Truth? Are you hanging on His words? Would you notice if you were being swayed?

Anti-Christ culture has gained a foothold in everything from mainstream media to our school text books. If society is not hanging on the words of Truth, then lies are free to propagate in Its place.

Now more than ever, hang on.

One thought on “Hang on!

  1. Because I know that the writer of this blog values his time, I will be brief. I hang on to the words of my Lord and Savior when the Book is open. May God remind me to hang on to His word when the book is closed. I have said it many times: What do we do with the Word of God? It always comes down to this question. Woops! I have gone over the 3-minute-management plan. 🙂

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